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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

We partner with OneTreePlanted, so that with each candle sold, a tree is planted. Tree by tree, we improve everyone's home.

Why plant trees?

The theme of global warming affects us all. To us, the future generation, and a possible future.

Planting a tree not only reduces the effects of greenhouse gases, but also neutralizes the emissions that we ourselves produce. With this initiative, we try to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum, and do our part, contributing to a greener future.

<transcy>When planting a tree we are...</transcy>

...process about 1 ton of carbon dioxide during its useful life

...provide enough oxygen for a family of 4 to breathe

...reduce hot summer temperatures by about 2-9 degrees

...creating and preserving diverse ecosystems that host and protect many different animal species water. The shadows created by the trees limit the rapid evaporation of water in the soil. An adult tree needs about 75 liters of water per day, and releases between 910 to 2040 liters! control soil erosion and prevention, thanks to its roots.

This is the symbol that makes the difference.

Rebuild ecosystems and communities destroyed by man, protect biodiversity at risk in forests, and combat global warming.

Help us helping all of us.



We don't stop here.

Our transports are carbon neutral to the atmosphere.

Calculating the kilometers passed from our Studio, to your home, an application calculates the CO2 emissions produced (approximate) and part of the amount you paid is taken to a protection fund for the Amazon rainforest.

Pachama: Conservation Fund for the Jari Pará Forest

Again, trees are our main focus. Offseting CO2 emissions from our transport, planting trees to balance the emissions produced.

Known as the lung of the World, the Amazon is responsible for absorbing 20% of all the carbon in the world, home to 10% of the known biodiversity (only insects are 2.5 million species) and 40,000 native species of plants, many of them base of drugs.

The Pachama Conservation Fund guarantees forest conservation and the reduction of possible greenhouse gas emissions.

Certified by Verra / VCS, it will prevent more than 15 million tons of CO2 from being emitted.

And you are helping!

Curious to calculate your carbon footprint?

Find out how your lifestyle affects CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.