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behind the brand


My name is Mario. With the motto "Think Global, act local", I created Nidore with the objective of creating handmade candles, with vegan and eco-sustainable products, at an affordable price.

Essentially, excellent fragrances and aromas, in natural and vegetable wax, contributing, even on a small scale, to a better future, and a better Planet.

Natural, vegan, eco-sustainable, chemical-free candles

When I started, as a hobby, making candles, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the type of materials used and their components.

My passion for candles and scents, combined with my natural curiosity, led me to do more research on the subject, and so I realized the amount of chemicals present in candles bought on large surfaces, and some uncomfortable truths about the candle industry.

A study, published by South Carolina University, showed that the products used in commercial candles are as dangerous as the fumes released by a cigarette, essentially the release of toluene and benzene, which increase the chance of developing cancer, asthma, eczema and problems of skin. This is because almost all commercial candles are based on paraffin, a petroleum by-product, which is cheaper and allows strong aromas with less essences to be released.

So, I decided to look for non-toxic and sustainable alternatives.

Finally, thank you!

For making the decision to support a small business, and local businesses! By choosing our candles you are contributing to a better future, and a better experience!

If you want to know a little more about my story, read the post on our blog.