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Each candle is poured by hand, in small batches

Thus, we minimize waste, and guarantee the quality of each candle sold.

From the placement of the wick, to the final label and packaging.

When developing our products, we paid attention to two things: Creating an excellent, affordable product, without sacrificing what we like most: aesthetics and quality.

Coconut & rapeseed wax

The wax we use in our candles is 100% vegetable, natural and biodegradable. Coconut is grown sustainably in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Did you know that almost 1/3 of Filipinos and their families live on coconut farming? The coconut used in our wax is of sustainable production, with no deforestation for the cultivation of new trees.

Rapeseed is grown in the United Kingdom.

The coconut and canola are then transformed into pure oils (coconut oil, and canola oil) and cold processed to become a totally natural kerat, without chemicals, additives or paraffin (a petroleum by-product), used in commercial candles, which is a non-renewable material.

Unlike other small producers, we do not use soy wax, as we believe that the recent boom in interest in soy beans has uncontrolled their cultivation, and this has become unsustainable, due to deforestation that cultivation of the same cause.

It does not leave black stains on the glass, nor does it release toxins such as tolene and benzene. Finally, it has a low melting point, allowing it to last about twice as long as a paraffin-based candle. This increases the safety of the candle, since the melted wax rarely exceeds 50ºC.

Cotton wicks

Our wicks are made of cotton, with linen filaments, unlike the wicks of mass-produced candles, which contain lead. Lead, in mass-produced candles, is used to keep the wire upright when filling containers.

As we have a manual and reduced process, we use eco-sustainable wicks, in which linen reinforces the wick structure.


Most mass-produced candles use dyes and synthetic flavors with phthalates. Phthalate is a chemical used to soften PVC-based plastics, and can damage the liver, lungs, kidneys and the reproductive system. Although phthalate is prohibited in, for example, children's toys, its use in candles is permitted.

We take great care in choosing our fragrances.

We only use phthalate-free fragrances, vegan, and not tested on animals, created and developed in the UK and France. We do not use essential oils because we believe that their production requires more resources than the production of synthetic fragrances.

Aluminum & Packaging

In addition to offsetting CO2 emissions from our transport (as well as our suppliers), our containers are made of aluminum, a 95% recyclable material.

Thus, we provide not only a candle, but also a future for our aluminum. Reuse them for small succulent pots, store small items, or as a pencil holder. The solutions are immense.

As for the final packaging for shipping, we use recycled and/or recyclable cardboard. The protection is made of kraft paper, and fully recyclable. Even the stickers we use are FSC and PEFC certified!

We do everything so that your candle has a safe trip to its new owner!


Talk to us.

We know that we can always improve, and we are always open to ideas, and doubts! Let's talk?