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Questions & Answers

  • How do you work to be sustainable?

    We always try to use what can be renewed in the long run. Our own mix of wax is created in the UK and the Philippines in a sustainable way. Wicks are made of cotton and linen for stiffness, rather than lead. Our containers and packaging are 100% reusable and recyclable.

  • Do you have a physical store?

    No, we only have one online store.
    We understand that it can be difficult to choose an essence based on descriptions, so we develop our experience kit so you can try our fragrances before buying the candle.

    You can always check our retailers that have our candles for sale.

  • How much will I pay for shipping?

    Shipping by GLS to Spain starts at 5,00€, and to Europe at 15 €. For more information, check out our Shipping & Returns.

  • How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

    Depending on your location, your order will arrive in a maximum of 3 days (for Spain), and 7 days to Europe.

  • Why don't you ship orders on Friday?

    If you made your purchase on a Thursday after 12:00, or on Friday, we will only ship your order on Monday. This is because due to the nature of the wax, it should not be kept in a stuffy warehouse, or in a truck, during the weekend, and it may melt and change its shape. This would not affect the characteristics of the wax, only its presentation.

  • What is the CLP?

    CLP stands for "Classification, Labeling and Packaging", and is a standard established in 2008 for the entire European Union, in which products for sale, which contain chemicals (such as our fragrances) must have the main allergens in a product safety label. You will not find this information on candles for sale in large stores because they use fragrance concentrations below 5%, and are not required to have CLP.

  • Why don't you use essential oils?

    We believe, from a scientific point of view, that the production of essential oils is more harmful to the planet than fragrances produced synthetically. We are of the opinion that not all chemicals are bad, and not all natural products are good.

    We use synthetic fragrances created and developed under great chemical scrutiny, from the leading perfumers in France and the United Kingdom. Our fragrances are not obtained from natural elements, but from chemical compounds. However, all of them do not have any product harmful to people / animals in their composition, unless they suffer from any allergy to these products.

  • Can I change my candle?

    We understand that sometimes we make some wrong choices, and that's okay. If you didn't like the essence of your candle when you arrived, send an email to We can exchange the candle for another essence of the same value. For this, your candle must be in the same condition that you received it, without signs of use, and will have to be returned in the original packaging. You can send it to the address provided, in the way you prefer. Postage will be accepted by you. Upon receipt and confirmation of good condition by us, we will send your new candle by CTT Express with postage to be paid at the recipient. This can only be done once per customer.

  • My candle arrived damaged!

    We are very sorry to hear that. Sometimes transporters are not careful enough. If this happened to you, contact us as soon as possible via, with your order number. All orders sent have protection insurance for these cases. We will get you to your new candle as soon as possible!

  • My candle looks strange

    It's normal! Our vegetable wax is full of personality, as we like to say. Because it is a natural material of plant origin, without any chemicals, we are not always able to give it a perfect and immaculate appearance, but we do our best. The wax may gain some roughness and breakage after the first burn. It is natural, and will continue to release a perfect essence! We advise you to read our care of your candle.

  • Do you do retail, private label, or custom orders?

    For retail sales, please see our page.

    Nidore does not do private labeling.

    As for personalized orders, if you have any ideas, or need candles for your event or small party, contact us via email: