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Our candles are like you. They have personality.

Because it is a 100% natural and vegetable based wax, with high grade essences, it has nothing to do with a normal candle.

Find here the tips to make the most of your new candle.

  • Safety first.

    Follow the 2 meter rule: do not place lighted candles near clothes, books, curtains or anything flammable. Place them on a stable, heat-resistant surface that is robust and large enough to capture any melted wax.

    Keep lighted candles away from drafts, ceiling fans and any drafts. Never leave a candle unattended. Extinguish all candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep. Extinguish if the flame is too close to the candle holder or container.

    A candle should not be burned for more than four hours at a time.

    For a safety margin, stop burning a candle when 2 cm of wax remains in the container.

    When we find the perfect match between acera, the fragrance, and the wick, which makes us happy, the candle is tested to exhaustion, following the recommended safety standards, and testing possible scenarios, such as a candle burning for 10 hours, or without the wick cut. You should never do this, but we guarantee that the candle is safe during its lifetime.

  • Our wax

    Our wax is a 100% vegetable wax, soft and pleasant to the touch. We are very careful with it in our studio, so that each candle created is a perfect candle. But its character, makes it sensitive to changes in temperature, and as such, when cooling after being in its liquid form, small cracks or holes may be created. We do not see this as an imperfection, but as a strong personality of our wax.

  • The wick

    The wick is the most important part of a candle. In our studio we spend a lot of time testing wicks with different essences, since different densities, need different wicks.

    As such, the wicks need some care.

    Try to keep your wick cut, about 0.5 cm away from the wax, to allow a clean, long-lasting, and safe burn. This allows you to maximize the life of your candle, and allows the aroma to be less intense.

    The wicks we use burn with the candle, but sometimes they need help. If it gets too big, with a "mushroom" on the end, you should always cut this small piece.

  • My wick has a "ball" on the end

    This can sometimes happen. It is the accumulation of carbon at the tip of the wick. No problem, let the candle cool, and when you can, cut your wick about 0.5 cm from the wax.

  • How can I burn my candle evenly?

    Our wax, in addition to a peculiar personality, has a memory. It will only burn, at most, to the last limit that it burned the last time it was lit, learning how far it should burn, each time it is lit.

    We recommend that you always let your candle burn until it reaches the entire perimeter of the container, and make a complete melting “puddle”. Thus, you will be able to enjoy all the wax until the end!

    If in the first fires it doesn't reach the entire perimeter, don't worry. In the next few, as the flame gets lower, and heating the container, the wax on the sides will melt.

  • After burning my candle, the surface became uneven. Why?

    With all vegetable waxes, this is normal. It may have small cracks, small pits, or small stains. This does not affect the essence of the candle. We think it is a small price to pay, for a candle 100% natural and sustainable, with a slow and clean combustion.

  • When my candle arrived, there were small cracks on the surface...

    Our coconut and rapeseed wax has no additives, and when it cools, small cracks may appear, which after burning it for the first time, will disappear! On the contrary, when it heats up, small air pockets may appear, and if it gets too hot it may melt. For this reason, we do not ship on Friday, to prevent the candle from standing in a van / warehouse without a stable temperature!

    It does not affect the quality of the candle, but it does affect its appearance.

  • Can I blow out the candle by covering it?

    No! Always allow the wax to solidify before covering your candle. This can cause air pockets to form inside the wax, which can drown the wick, and it is not a good thing.

    Our candles continue to emit their essence, even if extinguished. We recommend using an extinguisher (or a light blow) to extinguish the candle.

  • When should I dictate the end of my candle?

    As soon as the wax in your container reaches the bottom, it's time to say goodbye, and buy another one! If it continues to burn, the container may become very hot.

    Wash the container, and reuse it!