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Behind the brand

Throughout my, still short, life I have always been a little obsessed with everything that are scents. I remember my college time in Coimbra, when on the way home I went for a long walk with beautiful flowers, which released a springy smell that made me go back to my childhood days in Porto. I think our olfactory memory is fascinating, and it manages to transport us to remote times that we did not remember, and as such, “candles” were always part of my shopping list.

However, my natural curiosity led me to research a little more about the subject, and the truth... it wasn't pretty. I had some difficulty finding a product that is more sustainable from all points of view, and accessible. Then, like so many, in the middle of a pandemic, with so much free time in their hands, and confined at home like so many others, that click was made. Nidore born.

Getting to where we are now was not easy. Many tests, many ideas, and many choices (some of them wrong), but the important thing is that I managed to create something that brings a warm feeling to my home, and I hope yours does too. If this is the case, welcome to the family!

It was hours spent in front of the computer, from studying recipes, combinations of wicks, percentages of essences, choosing everything down to the smallest detail, making my idea a physical product of which I am proud.

When designing and developing our candles, we had in mind people who are always looking for something better. From an environmental point of view, and from the experience that a candle brings. The colors, some neutral, some more striking, were chosen so that our candles look good anywhere in your home.

Everything you see, from making candles, marketing, publishing, answering emails, is done by me. Keeping this small business sustainable is in the spotlight, because we are not ... sustainable*, we are sustainable. All candles are made in small batches, minimizing our waste and production of waste / waste of water.

We are not perfect, but we are always looking to improve, and in time, we will get there!

Thank you,


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