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October: +50 trees planted

It was on October 15, 2020 that we officially opened our online store. In 15 days, we were able to plant exactly 51 trees!

This time, we will plant these trees very close, in our neighboring Spain. More specifically, in the forest of Undabaso, in the Basque country, an area that is included in the Urdaibai Biospheric Reserve.

By supporting Fundación Lurgaia, through the Quercus program, we aim to recover part of the lost forests and, therefore, their value for biodiversity, as well as the goods and services they provide to society. In addition, this project aims to improve the habitat of endangered species, improve the water cycle, reduce soil erosion and soil loss, improve the ecological status of groundwater bodies, remove invasive species and maintain and fix long-term CO2.

Together, we achieved this, and we will achieve much more! Thanks to everyone who bought our candles! Are we counting on you for the next month?

Nidore árvores plantadas

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