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Inspirations Nº 01, My terrace

Getting inspiration is sometimes one of the biggest challenges. From days with a whirlwind of ideas to days with zero ideas. It seems that everything has already been done, it seems that everything already exists. But not. There is always something missing, we just need to push it a little further than what we think is the limit.

Today, I will talk about what inspires me to create and combine Nidore essences, and I will start with the most primordial and tangible, my terrace.

Floral smells are always the most prestigious. There is no one who says "I don't like the smell of flowers" . There may be one or the other that you don't like, it's understandable. We can't all like blue, if not who will like yellow?

I am lucky to be toasted with floral aromas this spring time, on my terrace. Be it with family lunches, or breakfast for two, it is something that is present in my life, and where much of the inspiration for my floral aromas, such as Flos , come.

Well, because I live close to agricultural fields and pasture areas, I am also treated to other aromas , which I think that if I made a candle based on them, there would be little way out. But that's another story.

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