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Learn how to light a candle (as it should be)

A candle at home is something that is difficult to explain. It gives a feeling of calm and relaxation , and allows us to always have a good end to the day. But sometimes, it doesn't always go well.

So, here's a little guide to follow:

The first burn is always the most important.

Did you know that your candle has something that can be called memory? The first time the wax is melted, it will determine how it burns for the rest of its life. So it is always important to allow it to burn for about 1-2 hours, until it reaches the " melting pool ". And what is this? When the wax is already melted, it reaches the limits of the glass that contains the candle. This is extremely important, so that no tunnels are formed. A tunnel is when a candle does not melt to the limits of the glass. When this happens, it will not melt more than this limit the next time, hence the term, memory.

Solving this, when it happens, is difficult, but you can try:

  • With the candle out, scrape the wax that forms the tunnel, so that everything is at the same level;
  • If the wick still has a flame, let it be. Eventually, it will burn the wax on the sides, if the tunnel is not too big;
  • If the wick goes out, you can try to absorb the melted wax with a little paper, and try to rekindle the wick.

Cut the wick when necessary, always!

Before lighting a candle, whether for the first time, or for the hundredth time (!), You should always pay attention to the condition of the wick. If it is forming what we call a mushroom (a wide, curved end) cut that little piece. Always be careful about the size you cut. If you cut the wick too short, it will be difficult to keep it lit, and to burn all the wax available!

Simple, analyze, cut if necessary, light, and enjoy! :)

Oh, don't forget the safety rules!

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