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2020: What a year!

I want to start this post with a personal thanks to everyone who, this year, bought our candles, and who will continue to do so in 2021. Without you, this dream would not have been more than that, a dream. So let's go to our Year in Review!

We launched ourselves into the world on October 15, 2020, but our history is older. Since May, in full confinement, I decided that this was the year I was going to launch my candles into the world. I never thought to receive the dimension of affection that Nidore has received. In a brief summary, in two and a half months, we ran out of stock 3 times, we encountered numerous barriers in our production, from lack of material to lack of time, and we planted 1,094 trees. If I could go back, it wouldn't change anything, because it only made us learn.

So, without further ado, let's go to our timeline, well before we launch ourselves into the world. A backstage of what was our beginning.


May was the beginning month. We developed our logo, the first, which we ended up changing (sometimes, in fact. Until launch, we created 4!)

nidore logo

This month, we also started working on the platforms. Bought the mynidore domain, create instagram, facebook, all under the same name. Although our name is Nidore, we wanted to create a connection with our customers, our community. We believe that when you buy us a candle, they become part of us. And Nidore is a community, made up of everyone. Each has a little. Hence myNidore. My part, my contribution.


In June we started testing the first ideas. Our idea was to offer a candle in a container that could have a future, so we wanted something like a jar, with a lid, that could serve other purposes. Later on, we realized that it was not a good idea what we were using, which cost us a few months of work.


I borrowed the garage from my parents, and so the adventure began.


It was also this month that I started designing the first labels for candles, which, at this moment, I am not proud of!


A person is always learning and improving, isn't it? Somnia was an aroma that never saw the light of day. Who knows in 2021? Let's move on.


July was a continuation of June tests. Many went wrong with the glass containers we choose, some go well. It was truly frustrating. There were a lot of candles in the trash for not burning well, not even for tests.


It was at this point that I also decided that I wanted medium sized candles, more accessible to everyone. Fed up with the results I was having with the glass containers, I decided to turn to another material: aluminum. After a lot of searching, I found something that was really satisfying.

recipiente exilis

I started testing on these containers, and I can say, that's what kept me going, after all. They went perfectly well. Approved with distinction! 16 tests, and in all, everything went as it should.

Our candles are tested to exhaustion. For a candle to burn well, it needs 3 correct things: a wick appropriate to the size of the container; a concentration of essence suitable for that wick, and a safe container. I can say that getting these 3 elements right is not easy. When we make candles for ourselves, it's one thing. When we do something that we are going to sell and that we want to be perfect and safe, it is another. But I do not reveal more, that the soul is the secret of business!

a estante

Very proud on my product and material shelf. I didn't know that I was going to need 5 more of these.


It was also this month that we started making some products for stock, like our minis. Which obviously, due to the image, would still undergo some changes. It was also the month in which (we thought) we finished our labels.


Obviously, these were also going to undergo some (a lot) changes. Curious about our Orchid? Who knows if 2021 doesn't bring it.


Everyone needs a vacation. In our case, the holidays did us good.


It is good to get away from something, to return with more strength, renewed energy, and full of desire. This month, we completed the tests that were missing from our mid-range, and focused on our Magna. Finally, glass was removed from our range (not forever, but at least for now) and we focused on the new material, aluminum.


The preface month, as I like to call it. So much has happened in these 30 days that it is difficult to summarize everything, but I will try!

We started the first tests for Magna, with a new aluminum container.

novas magna

We quickly realized that the labels we had created, didn't fit as well on aluminum as they did on glass. It was time to go back to the board, and redraw everything. Halfway through the process, we realized that neither our logo nor our typeface was suitable for what we wanted to convey from the essence of Nidore (pun intended).

We redesigned our logo, labels, flyers, communication, everything we had done so far. Yes, we are that brand that does a rebranding before "being born"!

novo logo

novos rótulos

In September, we also changed our metal containers to a larger, more secure container. (And more beautiful too, in our opinion)

At the end of the month, we received our labels. It was really the icing on the cake, and a kind of... "Okay, this is really happening!"


We did our first photo shoot, which fell a little short of what we wanted. 


We went to an Airbnb that won us over. Full of light, plants, and details, for the candle shoot. That weekend, we took more than 800 pictures.

Launch month. We just launched our medium and mini candles, because we wanted to carry out one last test for the large candles. Each one burns for about 50 hours, so it was 350 hours of burns that we still lacked in final tests, and we didn't want to postpone it anymore. On the 15th, we open our online store.

Early on, we had to change our best-selling product, our experience pack. A lot of them were arriving damaged to customers, for going in an envelope. We found the solution, and we believe it got even better.

This month, we planted 51 trees. We had more sales than we thought, and we were already so happy. Then, we received a call. Little did we know what was coming.


In November, we already had all our Magna sails on sale. We clearly realized that Dulce was the favorite. Its sweet aroma won the hearts of those who bought it.

We also started to finalize the details for our Christmas candle, and the Christmas packaging.


It was in this month that we arrived at the home of many Portuguese, on television. Sunday morning, we went to a special program at Olhó Baião, in which we were invited the previous month. It was really a mission of accomplishment. We couldn't be happier! That weekend, we were preparing orders all day, and the next week making candles.

olho baiao


December was a whirlwind of emotions. We launched our Natalis, which sold out in 2 days. We made 60 candles! We decided to order more materials, to make more candles for this special edition, and sold out one morning. We didn't want to believe it.


We also bought our new (and very useful!) Wax melter, and changed our packaging, using kraft paper instead of wooden milkweed, so that it can be reusable.

It was really a month to remember. We believe that many received a Nidore candle in the christmas sock, and I hope you enjoyed it. As much as we like to make each of the candles that came out of our Studio, that is, from my parents' garage. Thank you parents! And thank you all.

See you in 2021?

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